Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • manisha5
    07-17 05:45 PM
    Hurrah!!! :D
    You guys did it.

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  • saimrathi
    07-10 03:18 PM
    So USCIS will never see the flowers becoz they are boxed.. and they will never get delivered becoz they are being routed from the airport itself. No major news media covered the few deliveries at USCIS.. What was the point of the campaign again?

    For those of you who is interested in one line Q/A

    "Is the flower campaign working? Yes"

    "Are we good enough with what we have done? Not 100%"

    What happened

    We were at the loading dock by 10 30 am ( Delivery estimate was between 11 am and 1 pm) and DHL appeared to
    have already delivered around 50 boxes once around 9 am. All the flowers we sent are boxed . The visuals will
    be boxes and not flowers in the evening when the youtube video will be uploaded. UPS delivered nex. We got the
    video of the whole delivery and so did the CNN-IBN/Voice of America folks. There were around 30 boxes or so from
    UPS. Next Fedex delivered and there were around 10-15 boxes coming out. While we were doing the recording one of the
    officers politely told us not to capture federal buildings and we told them that we were only capturing the delivery of
    flowers. After this what ever truck was coming in, they were reversing and pushing back into the dock so that the
    delivery cannot be taped. CNN-IBN reporter asked for permission to go inside the loading dock and she was promptly
    denied any permission. Then We had a down pour for almost 20-30 minutes and we had to leave the place.
    It appears that the S&H dept now knows that most of the flowers are being delivered by DHL/UPS/FEDEX, they are taking
    care of the diversion at National airport it self.

    In the future if any one wants to do a flower campaign, Please select 2 local florists
    (only two florists, in that particular city) and have people call and place orders/online. That way
    we can talk with 2 florists and track their delivery easily for picture/video. Every one who tried to call
    FTD/proflowers had alot of trouble getting any thing out of them. Actually, we cant blame them because they
    are not doing it locally,instead they are putting their orders via national carriers.

    Where do we go from here

    If people really want to go out and get the main stream media attention, DC is the perfect choice. How ever,Don't plan on a weekend. If we do it right, we could be live on TV and the whole country will ask whats going on, along with the law makers. That will offer a platform for solving the issue at its roots.If you really want to do this, Dont come up with reasons like I dont have time off for a day or I have a project due. I can understand if 1 or 2% of our active members say it, but when 98% of our active members say that I can understand what it is. May be its time we figure out whether we prefer anonymity and pontifical verbatim on the online forum to expressing our concern/disappointment openly. Do not get offended and start flaming me. Just my thoughts.

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  • crystal
    07-10 09:47 PM
    as we know the answer now
    can somebody close this thread before people start writing one after other their last name and center.

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  • CADude
    07-22 06:15 PM
    cool site for analysis. I added mine in

    If you go to this site:

    you will see that people that got USCIS I485 receipts, are those whose forms reached USCIS on Jun 25th. That would mean that as of last week USCIS was entering in the cases that came in in the end of Jun. They are not doing July filers yet....
    My best bet is that they will begin doing July filers in the middle of next week (7/25) or even later and we will start seeing checks cleared by that date....


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  • raydhan
    01-03 02:46 PM
    Hello friends:
    I am also insterestred in joining the OK state chapter and start taking some action. I am a restrogression victim as probably you all are.
    What to do?

    Hi betoaguirre and other Oklahoma folks,
    Please send me an email at and I'll organize a conference call or meeting.


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  • vivid_bharti
    09-02 04:36 PM
    Sathya sai baba ???? You haven't known about his deeds, if you can find it read about great magician PC Sircar meeting him about 15 years ago. This is what PC said about him.
    "he's no godman, he's just a magician, not even a good magician, he should practice more".

    One of my ex-colleagues got his GC approved out of turn last year itself. He was EB3 - PD November 2005. They approved it for him, his wife and his two kids! He is a big devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and I think he certainly got his blessings on this one..!


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  • kpchal2
    03-17 10:34 PM
    I am in a very peculiar situation. I have been exploited twice by my previous employers who applied for my green card but ddid not let me know what the situatuion is. here is my situation

    company A applied for my green card on Nov 1 2004. Labor got approved in Feb 2006. Applied for my I-140 in Feb 2006.

    Changed company to Company B in May 2006.

    Company B applied for labor in May 2006. I-140 from company A got approved in July 2006. (please note that this is I-140 from company A). The Labor for Company B got approved in october 2006. I-140 with company B applied in Nov 2006.

    Changed company to Company C in Jan 2007.

    Company C applied for labor in May 2007. Labor approved in May and I-140 applied in May 2007 itself. Now ironically I-140 for company B and Company C got approved on the same day.

    I was totally amazed with 3 green card applications and did not know what to do and what my priority date was and so called USCIS and got transferred to the second level. From the conversation it looked like my labor priority is coming from Nov 2004 from my first application. Is this possible. Is there anyway that the USCIS people are trying to help me. The guy was literally telling me Nov 2004 was my priority date. Now should I be thrilled about it or is it just me and this is another stroke of their stupidity answering.

    Can some gurus tell me how I can find my priority date. Please help me. I really want to know what my priority date is and wjhat my application category is . How can I find this information.


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  • trueguy
    08-11 11:30 AM
    It will be easy to reconcile if some one creates a single polling post from 2001 to 2008

    That someone could be you as well.

    Anyways, I started a new thread for 2001 to 2008. Please vote here:


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  • eb3retro
    04-30 09:23 PM
    One of my friend who applied for an EAD renewal got it approved. But it went back to USCIS as undeliverable by post office. So he calls USCIS and opens an SR, and the rep says that his PR card application has been approved and will be remailed to him. Which means, they initially sent the GC instead of EAD. Can this happen? His PD is not current, he is from india with a PD of 2004.

    Also, after he opened an SR for this, he received a notice from USCIS via postal mail that an SR was created and that they are remailing the PR card and if he does not receive it within 60 days, he needs to call them.

    I told him that they are mistaking PR card for an EAD card and its the EAD card thats coming back to him. Anyone here had such an experience?? And defenitely my friend is just not excited too as he knows USCIS does not even know to put the correct card name in the notice.

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  • Hope_GC
    07-17 07:47 PM
    Really Thank and Appreciate Mr Gonzales.


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  • sGC
    08-08 04:50 PM

    Recently we went for interview and they requested a PCC for my wife since her finger prints were non classiable. So i have contacted my local city police and they have requested to contact the nj state police. The nj state police has requested a fill out a form with all the details anf they took the finger prints. my question is since the finger prints taken were non classifiable earlier how are these FP's taken by the state police going to help them. do i have to do anything else? has any one been in the same situation?


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  • django.stone
    02-24 12:18 PM
    Koi shak? (Any doubts?)

    We are lucky to have been the generation to have watched Sachin. Hope he keeps going for few more years.


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  • senocular
    07-21 01:20 PM
    I think you'll see more overhead in rendering from Silverlight since they spend a little more time in rendering making for cleaner shapes, even compared to Flash. Code-wise, Silverlight has the upperhand when it comes to performance - in most cases. Flash can keep up and beat it in many situations, but at the lower levels, Silverlight (C#) is just a beast. (I think as of beta 1, I know Silverlight suffered with some string operations, but they should be able to tighten that up before final release.)

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  • radhagd
    04-02 09:26 AM
    I filed my LC using regular process in EB3 category in Dec. 2003 and then LC was thrown to backlog center and pending there for ever. then I filed another LC using PERM in EB2 category in Dec. 2006 and got it approved in Jan. 2007, then filed I140 in Feb. 2007. Now my lawyer told me my EB3 case got recruitment instruction, but our company's policy doesn't allow same person to file two I140 application. Due to I already start my EB2 I-140 application, I can not continue my EB3 case, means I will have to withdraw it (if I have not file EB2 I-140 yet, I can continue my EB3 LC, but still need to decide which one I will pursue when file I-140 for either of them later on). I was planning to get two I140 approved and then carry over my earlier PD to file EB2 485. but now things get blocked by company's policy, which even prohibited me from paying by myself. Sign! Would you guys give me any good idea to see if I have way to get my EB3 case moving forward? thank you in advance.

    If you want to keep EB3 PD, the best option in your case is withdraw your EB2 140 and ask your company to file EB3 140, once it is approved, make sure you get a copy of approved I140. Find another company who is willing to do EB2 GC,file Labour. Upon approval of that Labour file EB2 140 requesting recapturing of EB3 PD. To be on safe side do not join the new company until you get Eb2 140 approved and join later at your conveniance.


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  • wandmaker
    07-19 04:34 AM
    I am on EAD currently. Priority date is Nov 2004 (EB3).
    I just switched to a new employer using AC21. Can I file for my EB2 and then interfile AOS ?.

    I understand that we need to file new Labor and I140. What happens at I485 ?. Do we need to revoke the current I485 and then apply for a new one. What will be status at that point and what will happen to the EAD ?.

    Please point me to any thread if this has already been discussed.

    Your EAD is based of a pending 485, if you withdraw then it becomes invalid. Your status will be AOS until the decision is made on 485.

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  • msyedy
    02-05 02:29 PM
    Is the 45 day approved labor validity Rule already in place?

    Jonty ask a lawyer.... that is the best solution because no one here will be filling your application for I-140.


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  • addsf345
    12-31 11:58 AM
    I got it.

    Please let me know the procedure you followed for filing AC21. Did you go through your own attorney?

    I am going to file AC21, haven't done yet. My lawyer was more inclined towards going with EAD rather than H1 transfer in first place. I am still in negotiations with the new employer.

    what additional documents do we need to submit to new employer while requesting H1 transfer? I assume copy of I-140 is needed. What did you do to make sure your new job is in similar category?

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  • skd
    08-11 11:20 AM
    Here you go!

    I have Sept 2004 date , I can not vote in both Polls

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  • VivekAhuja
    07-08 07:09 PM
    It all depends on how good you really are. If you are excellent, any company (desi or not) will do anything to keep you.

    12-02 10:30 PM
    This is not an AD moron. I am not looking to hire anyone. I am asking about NON-IMMIGRANT VISA advice. Since the forum is titled Immigration Voice > Immigration Information > NON-IMMIGRANT VISAS, I don't think my post can be THAT far from the right section.


    This forum is intended for Highly Skilled Immigrants who are on Non Immigrant visa and are caught in the green card log jam. Discussion topics here are predominantly related to Employment based GC. You might not get a CORRECT answer here as your situation is not some thing common for people on this forum. You should talk to a lawyer and get advice for your situation.


    10-26 03:42 PM
    My lawyer is saying you need a valid reason to apply. My wife wants to visit India when i asked he said you cannot apply AP for visiting purpose, you need a valid reason to apply and a letter or wedding invitation to apply.

    what shall I do?:confused:

    What is sh.... lawyer.. You only need a valid reason for expediting your AP application. For regular applications, they don't even have a column asking for any valid reason.

    Assuming you are applying based on your pending Employment based I-485.

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