Monday, June 13, 2011

McDonald Is Having A 'Seriously' Issue

Nope, that's not a grammatical error, if you guys have been an avid Twitter user you guys might have stumbled upon this particular picture . . .

Via Yahoo! News
Yes, let me summarize the picture; MCDONALD F**KIN' HATE BLACKS !

According to Yahoo! News people have been accusing McDonald for being racist right after the picture was widely circulated. People believed that the fast food chain had been using this $1.50 fee for being black as an insurance due to recent robbery strings.

The phrase 'Seriously McDonald' had been used by internet users to captioned the picture.

And then, just like the story of the lesbian Syrian gay girl aka Aminah Abdallah this picture was proved to be a hoax but it was too late and the damage is already done and McDonald was already in deep shit.

The origin of the pic is currently unknown but it was actually released years before in a now moved anti-McD blog. However some people who was familiar with the number posted on the picture (800-225-5532) knew that the picture was hoax because that number is actually belongs to Kentucky Fried Chicken and this also indicates that those people also eat a lot of Colonel Chicken.

The moral of the story is don't just simply believe anything that was posted on the internet without searching for proof first like one time when people posted a picture of an innocent priest who was accused to be some sort of . . . OK, let's stop here before I put myself in deep shit.

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