Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who Will Win Akademi Fantasia 9 ?

After 2 year hiatus, finally I've got the chance to watch the final season of Akademi Fantasia before it goes off air for good.

I started to watch it in the 8th week of the show where only 5 contestants were left in the running, so am I impressed with the remaining 5, hmm... not really, but based on the two concerts left before the final I think the winner is already predictable.

Of course, on the 9th week, another student, Erul was eliminated.

So, among the remaining four, who will be the last winner of Akademi Fantasia ?

# 4 Azri 
Via mygosip
I decided to put Azri in this position because looking at the voting result pattern he always end up at the bottom, As stated by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, he has the best deep male voice she ever heard which according to my ear is so-so, but there are reasons to keep this fella in the glass house because of his personality and good looking (he might not be the best looking fella but if you look at the other guys then you'll agree with me). Adlin Aman Ramli decision to make him take his shirt off in public might be the reason why he advanced to the final :-)

#3 Lena
Via mygosip
She sounds like Stacy (from AF 6 fame) ! She might have some attitude problem which explained her near elimination on week 8. Before Hazama and Fina admission to AF, Lena had always been on the top spot and that indicates the existence of her strong supporters and even after that she managed to stay on the Top 3 position but her performance from week to week is spiraling down, but given the number of voters she got I think this girl will definitely get in the Top 3 spot (or maybe runner up, except for Season 1, Season 6 and Season 7, Sabahan always managed to get the No.2 spot)

#2 Fina
This girl is so popular and I don't know why (mainly because I didn't watched the show), she managed to stay in the top spot and even got the immunity votes which secured her place in the final. She kinda reminded me to previous AF student, Edlin, because of her voice. I think she can survive the industry because she is fresh and she can maybe be another AF student turned spokesperson.

Winner: Hazama
Via shilanatasha
I feel betrayed when he got in AF 9 because he was already an established artiste and even work for several programs organized by astro. I think the producer decided to put him in the competition for rating. He is undeniably the best performer in the bunch but given his experience in the show biz that will not be as impressive. However, looking at his performance, popularity, votes and the comments from the jury, Hazama will definitely going to get the title, but does winning AF gave you a guaranteed success in the industry? I doubt that :-)

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