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  • nb_des
    09-20 04:04 PM
    Even I don't see it. Seems like they have removed it.

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  • a_to_z_gc
    01-22 07:29 PM
    Try marrying a US citizen, that may be your only hope looking at the current situation (Just kidding)

    EB2-India is Unavailable-That's true for the remainder of the year. So take your pick ...

    Welcome to the party...

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  • nixstor
    10-25 08:46 AM
    Yeah! You are right. I will post one too.

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  • ragnarok
    07-19 08:51 PM
    Thanks for the response.

    My Priority Date is:

    March 16, 2001.

    What can you guys tell me?



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  • yabadaba
    04-22 02:26 PM
    This is ONLY EB2- India Priority dates from prior visa bulletins. Just FYI - no guesses no assumptions.

    Jan-05 C
    Feb-05 C
    Mar-05 C
    Apr-05 1-Apr-02
    May-05 C
    Jun-05 C
    Jul-05 C
    Aug-05 C
    Sep-05 C
    Oct-05 1-Nov-99
    Nov-05 1-Nov-99
    Dec-05 1-Jul-00
    Jan-06 1-Jan-01
    Feb-06 1-Aug-01
    Mar-06 1-Jan-02
    Apr-06 1-Jul-02
    May-06 1-Jan-03
    Jun-06 1-Jan-03
    Jul-06 1-Jan-03
    Aug-06 U
    Sep-06 U
    Oct-06 15-Jun-02
    Nov-06 1-Jan-03
    Dec-06 8-Jan-03
    Jan-07 8-Jan-03
    Feb-07 8-Jan-03
    Mar-07 8-Jan-03
    Apr-07 8-Jan-03
    May-07 8-Jan-03
    Jun-07 1-Apr-04
    Jul-07 C
    Aug-07 U
    Sep-07 1-Apr-04
    Oct-07 1-Apr-04
    Nov-07 1-Apr-04
    Dec-07 1-Jan-02
    Jan-08 1-Jan-00
    Feb-08 U
    Mar-08 U
    Apr-08 1-Dec-03
    May-08 1-Jan-04

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  • maddunr
    10-19 11:57 AM
    Can anyone point me to any documentation for physicians that suggests repeated follow-ups even after the medical report has been signed, sealed and submitted to the immigration office?

    As with a lot of applicants from India, I tested positive for tuberculin because of the type of immunization we receive and had the requisite skin test and chest x-rays done. After this the doctor signed the medical report and gave me the sealed envelope. He has then put me on a 6-month medication program for tuberculosis. The medication is quite strong and is supposed to affect the liver. He also wants me to come in on a regular basis (and spend $80 every time) to get blood work done to "make sure the medication is in my blood stream".

    I am not sure why I am being put on this medication for such a long period as I don't have tuberculosis. When I questioned my doctor, he said it was necessary - not giving any more details.

    Have others gone through such an experience? Am I a source of residual income for his office?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • angelfire76
    04-02 01:45 PM
    What I have mostly heard is that people in consulting jobs are the ones who are having issues at POEs and not the ones in permanent/full-time positions...I am not making a statement here but saying this is what I heard and read.

    Even working in IBM become something like a consulting job due to their change in business model. So how would the POE determine that somebody who's a "permanent" (is there such a thing in today's economy) employee is not actually into "consulting". Hey even McK guys are "consultants". I think the word you might be looking for is "salaried" employees.

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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    02-12 01:12 PM
    Great article! Surely, it must have gotten John Miller atleast thinking what is going on in the US! What he has called a faster process in the US takes atleast 8-10 years since arrival in the US!
    I am going to e-mail him, and would like others to do so too! Let us tell them the truth!


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  • Lasantha
    07-05 10:45 AM
    Hey Gurus,

    What are the chances for ROW-EB2 to go backlog in OCT 2007. My wife's employer is filing for the LABOR this month. We are keeping our finger's crossed that it will be current in OCT this year.

    What do you guys think about that? Thanks.

    I am no guru BUT ....
    It was current for more than the past two years, wasn't it. I think it is highly unlikely that it will be backlogged. If if it will, it could be by a very short period, 6 months maybe. This is what I think.

    What do you think about EB3 ROW ?

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  • dhesha
    12-16 04:29 PM
    Congrats and Best Wishes , It happened to my friend also, His PD is March 05 and got the approval on 10/29/08

    I am just so frustrated (and happy for the TSC folks) that why all this approval thing is happening only in TSC, what is wrong with Nebraska


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  • GCwaitforever
    05-28 09:28 AM
    According to USCIS, finger prints expire within 15 months. So if you received an EAD after filing for I-485, technically USCIS should not ask for your fingerprints during the 1-year EAD renewal. For the second EAD renewal, it is valid.

    Asking for FP during e-filing is a process inefficiency for USCIS and unnecessarily delays the application adjudication. For some reason, USCIS is not able to identify that you still have valid finger prints filed last year during the e-filing. Please raise this issue with Ombudsman.

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  • meridiani.planum
    08-19 12:26 AM
    I dont have any changes to status when I check my 485 case status online but today in the mail i received I797c notice welcoming me as a premenant residence. I am a bit hesitant to celebrate, but am I seeing green?:o


    EB2- India [ Oct 2005 @ NSC]
    485 filed Aug 2007

    what do you want? President Bush to come home and welcome you with hugs and kisses? A ticker tape parade? A band? 45 skimpily clad, extremely beautiful cheerleaders dancing and singing: "he got a G, he got a C, he got a GC!"?

    you got an approval notice, you are through. enjoy man. :cool:


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  • vamsi_poondla
    12-20 08:07 AM
    I called USCIS and created a new service request. Hope they will do it right this time.

    My worry is if this is NOT FP notice, and something else, will it effect my application in anyway since I could not respond in a timely manner due to address change.

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  • forgerator
    06-08 09:27 AM
    Hi Bhatt,

    thank you! :)
    I am pretty excited as this was the best thing I could hope for at this point. I have entered the DV before and was never selected.
    I wish I could afford a lawyer to assist, but that doesn't seem to be an option for me right now.
    Anyone has any ideas and the turn around time once I have submitted the paperwork and when to hear back from them for an interview?

    you should get a lawyer man. Friend of mine paid $3500 for a good lawyer to process the paperwork when he won the GC lottery, he got all the peace of mind in the world, and his GC soon thereafter.


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  • sanax
    11-30 09:33 PM
    I cannot resist to say that how glad America is to have an idiot like u as a permanent resident whereas people with clean records are left in the lurch...

    Way to go USA... :mad:

    as you said Stupidity has no boundaries! :mad:

    Thanks for your opinion! I have been already enrolled in the USA military... just waiting for the CG!... maybe more than what you can say!???

    At least I'm prepared to defend my new country!... or is it only 'idiots' who are defending their country?

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  • hejilac1224
    09-13 03:41 PM
    Has you h1b finally been approved? I' m interested to what happened next as I am now on the same situation. Thanks and GL.


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  • JunRN
    12-18 07:39 AM
    Here's what I think: Your lawyer changed address, is that right?

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  • Devils_Advocate
    03-23 03:34 AM

    I read in this ( report that none of the 4 students were wearing seat belts. Please always wear your seat belts.

    My prayers are with their families

    Thats just tragic, please wear seatbelts even if you're in the backseat, it can seriously save lives.

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  • BharatPremi
    07-13 12:53 AM

    09-21 03:07 PM
    u have to be in a similar at time ur GC gets approved..if not then it will be rejected..

    in shorrt u have to find another job

    01-25 06:48 PM

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