Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • abhijitp
    01-27 03:47 AM
    FYI, I have been in the queue for 6.5 years now. I did write the letter.

    Cool... thank you for your efforts. I didn't want to offend you... just in case you got that impression. The point is, as long as the AOS is pending approval, there is the risk that we can be thrown to the back of the queue because of a rejection of the AOS application for a reason beyond our control.

    If that happens... and if we need to re-start then we are looking at about 12 years for our next chance, as it will take at least so long for a PD from 2008 or later to become current... unless:
    1) a miracle like June 2007 happens
    2) the EB GC process is revamped, which is what IV is trying to make happen!

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  • Dhundhun
    06-05 09:09 PM
    For H4:

    USCIS does not give any document stating the fact that AOS is pending. Although EAD is not required to be present in USA, if H4 is not there, only EAD is proof of valid stay.

    So if SSN is not there or DL (or state ID) is expired then you need EAD - EAD renewal is up to you.

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  • dpp
    02-06 09:01 PM
    Whenever the H1 is transferred, H4 also has to be transferred.

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  • prem_goel
    08-28 07:43 AM
    Thanks . what is I-824 again? and where do we file it too?

    hey guys can someone respond please? just to elaborate on my case. My wife's been here in US for the last 4 months. I had applied h-1b for her as consular processing. The approval came with stamping notification for chennai consulate (as at the time her H-1b was applied this year in March, her state of residence was in chennai consulate region).

    However in April this year she moved to Mumbai and then to USA. I've heard that you can go to stamping at the consulate region you've been staying for the past 6 months. Since she was at Mumbai for half of the time and then in USA, does it give us liberty to choose Mumbai consulate for stamping instead? Would there be any issues? We are thinking that at the time of interview, if they ask she can let them know she has moved to Mumbai and has her address there now. Would that be okay?

    Thanks IV!


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  • piyu7444
    03-18 03:41 AM
    My husband received a �Transfer Notice� for his I-485 from TSC. This is what the notice says.
    "Preliminary Processing of the application has been completed, and it has been transferred to USCIS-NBC, Lee's summit , MO 64064. The office will notify you when they schedule an interview on the application."
    Here is brief history.
    My PD is July-04 in EB2. I am the primary applicant and I am on H1. My husband was on H4 and now he is on EAD. My I-485 was filed in NSC, and then moved to TSC. Here are my ?s.
    1. What is meant by �Preliminary Processing of the application has been completed�? What is completed actually? This is just an indication that most processing is now means they did not find any 'technical issue' with your application.
    2. I did not receive any such notice so far, is it quite normal? You will also get a notice soon. Usually both (husband-wife) gets the interview letter with a time difference of 15min-30min same date though......
    3. Came to US on L1 blanket visa and didn�t submit the approval notices for my husband, since there is no separate approval notices for the dependents coming on L blanket visa. May be is it, because of this? I dont think that is an issue here.........
    4. My husband had a DUI in March 2003, and that case was closed. It was a misdemeanor, and not a felony. Is this notice because of my husband�s DUI record? This could be the reason although 'routine interviews' are now happening but you need to take all the court documents and be prepared to explain DUI.5. Also, I raised �Expedite Service Request� twice, because of my husband�s serious heart condition, and faxed the medical letter to uscis as a proof , however this request got rejected both the times. May be, is it to verify the medical condition?. Could be but DUI seems to be more of a reason here.6. Will something related to my AOs be decided based on how we answer. It all depends on how serious USCIS takes the DUI and what kind of IO you encounter. I really can not comment on this....
    7. Can I accompany my husband for the interview? You should get an interview letter and hence you will be able to go with your husband. Also you can always take the attorney with you. This helps and you can have your lawyer talk only if it is required (when you need support to answer something or if the IO is some silly rude person - you never know)
    I am really concerned about the interview. Please let me know what you know about this.

    I have described what to prepare and details can be found at


    I hope this helps you. Just prepare everything you can for DUI and also about your job responsibility etc and be calm. Be confident at the interview and all will be good :)

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  • kmkk2006
    04-09 12:07 AM

    This is my status.

    I 140 � Approved in 2006 and have a copy.
    I 485 � Filed in Jul 2007, Receipt date Jul 02, 2007. Have copy of I 485 receipt.
    Perm Labor � Have perm labor approval copy.

    Since it has been more than 180 days I 485 is pending and I 140 also approved, I joined my client. Now my old employer says he will withdraw my I 140.

    I would like to send AC21 job change info to USCIS my self.

    Please let me know if any one is in the same situation and filed (informed) AC21 by yourself.

    And also advice if anyone used new attorney only for AC21.



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  • countdrak
    11-01 01:01 AM
    I just received my H1B starting Oct 1st. My desi (cheap) employer first decided to not pay me till Oct 15th because I didn't have a SSN. Then after my SSN came they decided that they wanted to reduce my salary, the reason being that the company's economic situation has changed since Jan filing.

    I am concerned because I am going for my visa stamping in March and the last thing I want is to be out of status! When I mentioned this to my boss his answer was -- We will give you a letter stating that you are working reduced number of hours, and we cannot afford the salary promised on I-129.

    Can somebody help? What are my options? I was on H4 and moved to H1. I am really frustrated with their attitude and in this economy it is really hard to find a job.

    Any help would be great.

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  • rockstart
    11-30 01:56 PM
    Here is what I can advise

    1) Get all the supporting documentation that you have for both cases. Example tickets/ citations, fine receipts, any other docs related to the case you can find. make sure you make photo copies of all documents
    2) Get a court dispositon documents for both cases to prove that the cases are closed and fine was paid
    3) Make sure you run all these documents past your immigration attorney to ensure nothing is missing. Also get in touch with your lawyers that handled the DUI & other case to see if they can help you with paperwork
    4) If you are not comfortable defending you case you can take an attorney with you. That is entirely optional thing.
    5) No one on this forum or immigration officer has any moral right to tell you what you did was good or bad. Its the job of courts and they have already made you pay fine. So as long as you can furnish all relevant papers that these cases are closed you are fine with your immigration process.


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  • sss9i
    10-18 05:08 PM
    I had same problem,Employer not giving I-140 reciept notice.
    How to get it from USCIS.
    Thanks in advace.

    The Problem is my employer is not sharing this information with me.I want to make decision of moving the employer only if i know that my 140 is approved. My fear is that my employer may tell me that 140 is still pending even if it is approved.

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  • tonyHK12
    12-09 11:32 AM
    The breaking news is the House Democrats have decided not to undertake Tax cut bill in the House, meaning the new tax cut deal announced by the President will not hold good anymore.

    Tax cuts will expire automatically end of 2010, meaning everyones bi-weekly paycheck would get cut 50-100 bucks if nothing happens


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  • gc_chahiye
    07-09 04:31 PM
    What about those whose PD is 2006 or later and DID file I-485?!?

    What a waste of poll!

    EB2-India has been retrogressed throughout 2006. If your PD is 2006, how did you file your I-485? Are you counting July 2007 filing? Dont count that, see the first post

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  • santb1975
    02-14 03:45 PM
    I consulted an Immigration Attorney about this last week and she said getting laid off and being unemployed while 485 approval is pending should be ok. She told me that I have to have a Job with similar Job description and the pay mentioned in the Labor Certification by the time my 485 is ready to be approved


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  • willgetgc2005
    04-13 05:57 PM
    Please send emails if you would like. I have sent the one below.

    Honorable Senator,

    I am writing to you about 'High-Tech Worker Relief Act of 2007'

    At the outset , let me express my sincere gratitude for introducing this bill. I have been in the US lawfully under the highly skilled category since 1999. However, my Permanent Residency is still pending because of employment based visa back logs. One very useful provision that I request you to introduce in this bill is to recapture the unused employment based Permanent residence visa numbers from 2001 through 2005 and use it now. These Visa numbers have never been used due to various reasons within the USCIS. Using these Visa numbers will provide much needed relief to people like myself who have been waiting for many many years.

    I love this country and am eager to make more contributions. Permanent Residence will allow me to start my own enterprise and create jobs in this country that I have come to respect, admire and live in. Waiting in the limbo for several years not knowing the outcome is constraining my education, abilities , work experience and drive.

    Again, Thank You for introducing this bill and I urge you to add the provision to recapture the unused employment based permanent visa numbers form 2001 through 2005 that will provide the much needed relief.

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  • hopefulgc
    03-31 10:49 AM
    Any word on this issue? Is somebody from core going to create a forum where they can post delayed updates?


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  • jonty_11
    09-17 12:41 PM
    It is one of the greatest rallying the tropos efforts I have seen. Lets march together shoulder to shoulder and demand equality and justice. It has been long overdue....
    Please do whatever you can to attend teh rally if you are in the vicinity....!!

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  • trueguy
    08-28 04:07 PM
    Good fight guys, keep it going. We need reasons to laugh in this GC mess.


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  • anai
    09-17 11:03 PM
    Hi, My wife and I received three emails each regarding 485 approval ("notice mailed welcoming new permanent resident," "CPO ordered," and "approval notice sent") on 9/8. My wife received her "welcome notice" and the card itself within a few days. But I have not received either yet.

    1. I know the CPO email says wait 30 days, but given that my wife has already received hers, I suspect that mine was either sent to an incorrect address or there's some other hold up. Anyone else in a similar situation? Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

    2. I guess I can wait 30 days and then apply for a replacement card with an I-90 (for which the current processing time is 3.5 months). How can I travel internationally in the interim? If anyone is aware, please let me know; I am trying to have a plan in place, in case an emergency arises.

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  • snthampi
    05-04 05:52 PM
    Why don't send them an email stating that the project ended after 4 months? Don't forget to CC company B.

    If the project ended, then you are not getting paid for that project anymore. So, that itself is your proof, in case you receive a legal notice. So, stop worrying.

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  • lazycis
    01-30 12:14 PM
    Man you are in such a good position . I think with an approved I-140 in EB3 for Sep 2001 PD your GC should not be far away .. Don't mess around with it by changing it to EB2 or things like that. It might get complicated . I would say have patience for a few months . Once you get your GC you are free.

    Using AC21 is not a bad idea for those whose GC is a distant dream but for you I think the goal is within sight.

    Actually, it's better to change job before you get a GC because you suppose to have intention to work for GC-sponsoring company after you get GC.

    01-09 12:16 AM
    dude post problems in threads in correct english.

    01-27 08:02 PM
    Forget it....It seems there is no interest in people contributing to this site..

    cowards...misers....u will repent your miserliness when you do not get any bill with green card that time, it will too late to do anything.....

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