Monday, June 6, 2011

lebron james house

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  • OPTiK
    Mar 13, 11:45 AM
    Are you using this:

    I was using this guide: ...but i just came across this guide that i may try out today:

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  • Psychomacuser
    May 4, 10:25 PM
    I just got my hands on a Power Mac G5. I got it off a guy for $150!! Let me say, it's an incredible machine. Dual 2.5 G5's with 2Gig of RAM. I installed 10.5.8 on it.

    This machine blows both my 2009 13" Macbook and 2008 Mini out of the water when it comes to speed and smoothness. As is it, FCP runs so much better than my Intel Macs that I am in total Awww of it... (can u tell I'm excited about this 6 year old computer :) )

    Since I got it so cheap, I want to upgrade the hell out of it and use it as my primary machine (age of it be damned). I want to expand the RAM fully to 16 GB, put a fast 2 GB HDD in, and get the best possible Video card available.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. What is the best GPU available for this machine??

    2. What is everyone's opinion to the possibility that after I get this thing where I want it, Apple will drop support for Leopard and I will no longer be able to sync my iPhone, iPad, or iPods to it. I of course, Plan to keep my Intel Macs running on the other end of the room (along with my "necessary" PC) but since I sit in THIS chair in my office most of the time, it would be nice to do everything from right here...

    I know you don't hear many people wanting to make an older machine their primary computer, but this thing is really a monster...

    Any thoughts???? Thanks in Advance.

    Al Winters

    Wait a minute, when you say you have a Dual 2.5 G5 and wish to expand it to 16GB - Are you sure you have the Late 2004 Dual 2.5 G5 which is notorious for springing leaks, or do you have the G5 Quad which is from October 2005 - Summer of 2006?

    G5 Quad can be expanded all the way to 16GB and possibly more now that 4GB chips are available in DDR2.

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  • TheStrudel
    Apr 25, 06:09 PM
    You're stuck with it. Sadly, you're looking at the most expensive Mac Pro RAM, probably of all time, because FB-DIMMs are more expensive, these are no longer produced in quantity, and the machines that use them are outdated.

    Transintl (via their still-running holiday special) sells the cheapest ram I've been able to find for mine.

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  • sk3pt1c
    Dec 17, 05:45 AM
    there's no OCR needed here, apologies if i've misled you :/

    @Blue Velvet

    in essence, what needs to be done is the middle part of your post, i want to open a text file, read it off line by line and create a dummy image with the filename of each line.
    photoshop can't generate these filenames because they're not sequential.

    so how could that be achieved? you think automator can do such a thing?


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  • Sydde
    Feb 17, 08:48 PM
    Hugh Laurie isn't going to be too happy about this.

    But, really, when you are as powerful and revered as the RDF King, a tardy diagnosis is not to be tolerated.

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  • GGJstudios
    May 6, 03:34 PM
    One alternative is to use the Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad (


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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 22, 05:22 PM or eBay (Việt Nam (, T�rkiye (, Česk� republika (, Hanguk ( might be good price checkers.

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  • 2002cbr600f4i
    Jun 27, 07:13 PM
    Well, there may be lines, but unless apple manages to get enough to AT&T to cover all the pre-orders and then some, it might all be for naught...


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  • OCX
    Jun 24, 02:44 AM
    Chillin in the reservation line. This is crazy how many people showed up.

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  • bmorris
    Jan 17, 09:03 PM
    the meeting is 7 to 10c?
    so it just started?


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  • Ommid
    Apr 23, 07:32 AM
    Maybe the disk image you created is corrupt?

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  • Beanoir
    May 3, 04:15 PM
    clear the porn out of your Safari history!


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  • wesk702
    Oct 30, 01:12 AM
    Great site, not unlike this one:- a lot of people who seem to enjoy a good barney every once in a while. Some N00bs, some real old hands, a good mix!

    Been going there for a while. :D

    For sure, bigblue's been none of the most helpful forums vie ever used.

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  • iMeowbot
    Aug 22, 09:42 PM
    All right, I have it up to 72 fps and added intermediate frames to smooth out the animation. You'll need at least a 500 MHz G4 to fully appreciate the effect, try closing other windows if there is continued roughness.


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  • skoker
    Dec 8, 07:39 PM
    I am looking for 30 pin memory for either a LCII or a mac IICX thanks! could you PM me your zip code so I can figure out shipping? thanks


    Zip code is 14052. Just ship whatever is cheapest, time is no object.

    The 30-pin I have is from a Mac SE/30. Would that work?

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  • ghostchild
    Mar 10, 12:58 PM
    Yes, I still live with my parents. Does renters insurance cover say for example if my gear gets stolen while I'm on vacation too?


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  • dornoforpyros
    Sep 26, 02:03 PM
    I wish I was a stoned as you are :p

    life sucks

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  • Jman14
    Jun 25, 01:24 PM
    how old is the machine

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  • Surely
    Apr 21, 12:42 PM
    I have ClickToFlash enabled and haven't clicked on any video. Yet, the scrolling stops when it hits the edge of the video.

    That doesn't happen for me. The scrolling continues as it should, even during the momentum phase of the scroll.

    Nov 6, 04:44 PM
    I have my home computer set up as a mini-webserver, which I mostly use for sharing pictures and other files with people, however, recently, I have been unable to serve pictures over a certain size.

    Pictures will load to a point, but then they will stop loading and I will get an error in Console.log and system.log:

    /Applications/ Corrupt JPEG data: 2 extraneous bytes before marker 0xdb
    /Applications/ Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment

    I know that the pictures are not corrupt because:

    1. They worked fine a month ago
    2. I can open them in any picture editor/viewer without problems
    3. It happens to all my pictures above a certain (unknown) size

    Here's a link to one picture:

    Everyone who I've had try to load it in any browser cannot load it past the very first part. I have absolutely no clue what's going on.

    I hope I provided enough details...

    Apr 24, 08:39 AM

    May 3, 04:27 PM
    clear the porn out of your Safari history!
    If you wipe the SSD, as the OP indicated, there IS no Safari history left.... or Safari.

    Apr 3, 05:10 AM
    i have only two components that use a dictionary in the picker, only two and the labels have to show a result that is not in the components

    thanx again

    May 2, 06:47 AM
    [QUOTE=gameface;12496797] If you could find a 'karaoke' version of the song with no lyrics it would help the cause. My $.02QUOTE]

    Agreed... and love the work also.

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