Tuesday, June 7, 2011

kanye west graduation

kanye west graduation. Kanye West Graduation
  • Kanye West Graduation

  • lender30
    Nov 16, 10:12 PM
    I would expect Apple to counter Verizon's crazy torpedo ads against them but...

    kanye west graduation. kanye west graduation
  • kanye west graduation

  • Michael383
    May 7, 12:36 AM
    At this time I'd go for the top of the line iMac 27".

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  • Slow Jamz - Kanye West,

  • EricNau
    Sep 29, 12:05 AM
    Why annoying, because PowerPoint is so lame? You can export Keynote to PowerPoint, or to Flash, or QuickTime, or PDF.
    What we really need is a Windows Keynote player downloadable for free off of Apple's website. ...Apple could probably throw one together in a day and iWork sales would skyrocket (not to mention the switching potential of the Windows users watching such a beautiful presentation on their piece of crap :D).

    kanye west graduation. kanye west graduation
  • kanye west graduation

  • homerjward
    Dec 5, 11:04 PM
    wow...that code is really messy, but the site looks great!
    i'm not entirely sure which boxes you're talking about either. html code really isn't all that scary in fact. once you know a few basic tags and such it's pretty easy. like here's the code to make a really basic page that says "hello world" in helvetica, size 5, green, and centered. oh, and with a title.

    <font face="helvetica" size="5" color="green">Hello World</font>

    the <html> tag tells the browser to start an html document, the <head> tells it that there's information about the page that won't be displayed in the page, the <title> opens a tag that says what to display in the title bar, the </title> says that the title is finished. the </head> says that the info about the page is done. the <body> tells what to display, basically. the <center> tells it to center the following info, the <font> tag, along with the attributes face, size, and color, and the values helvetica, 5, and green tell it how to style the text. "Hellow World" tells it the text to display. </font> tells it that that's the end of the text styled that way. </center> stops text after that from being centered, </body> ends the main info, and </html> closes the document. in general to open a tag it goes like <tag> and to close it it's <tag> and to define attributes and values it's <tag attribute="value"> and then </tag> there are, of course, exceptions...
    knowing the basics of the code and such can really help you simplify the code that golive generates, and a lot of things are easier, imo, to do by hand than in golive. link targets, for example. for the life of me i cant figure out how to get a link to open in an iframe in golive without going into the source...:rolleyes:
    sorry for the long post :o


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  • kanye west christmas

  • macpro2000
    Apr 26, 09:27 AM
    If you are a rational person, one should know that it isn't reasonable to expect a break until Lion is officially announced. However, you could always write a letter to Obama and 'hope' that things will 'change.' :) People are getting things in this country they shouldn't have and they just expect more and more.

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  • kanye west graduation shoes.

  • iSayuSay
    May 3, 11:58 PM
    The new Radeon 6 series including EyeComfort .. you should check their website more often :D

    Maybe you're just too excited you forget that your eyes actually a bit strained, you know .. a tiny bit :p


    kanye west graduation. Kanye West - Graduation
  • Kanye West - Graduation

  • yellow
    Dec 19, 08:15 AM

    kanye west graduation. graduation stronger
  • graduation stronger

  • MacBandit
    Oct 29, 12:42 AM
    I love my PS2 and have in fact had it since the day they were released. With that said I would not use it as a dedicated DVD player especially if you burnt out a dedicated DVD player already due to high use. The PS2 is not known for it's durability. Mine has only lasted this long as once it started getting picky about the discs I played I quit using it to play DVDs and bought a dedicated DVD player. Also my PS2 sits in the top of the entertainment center and only gets moved to have the dust cleaned out of it.


    kanye west graduation. HEAR YE: Kanye West Graduation
  • HEAR YE: Kanye West Graduation

  • donga
    Jan 12, 08:59 PM
    macbook air. may sound stupid, but as mentioned before we've gotten used to names and branding before as they make big marketing pushes.

    with the air part, does nike air sound stupid? nike air max? nike air jordan? nike air (insert almost any name here)? i think there is a legitimate possibility for an apple product named with air in it

    kanye west graduation. Bear necessity: Kanye West
  • Bear necessity: Kanye West

  • johny5
    Jan 17, 04:02 PM
    Ahh, free stuff at events, really caps off the day :rolleyes:

    I think Steve is going to be there giving free macbookair's away for free as no one is buying them


    kanye west graduation. Kanye West - Graduation (2007)
  • Kanye West - Graduation (2007)

  • j763
    Jul 11, 02:15 AM
    I'll be heading to the Capitola store after work (5pm-ish). Hope they won't sell out. At least this in-store activation nonsense will stop people from buying to resell on ebay.

    kanye west graduation. With a Kanye West album,
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  • Sdashiki
    Sep 23, 10:28 AM
    Hurricanes are a "random" occurence.

    Prediction is impossible.

    Next year can be less or far worse than this year. There is no telling. if it IS as bad next year as this year, we as a country are f*cked but thats what we get for living on planet earth I guess.

    Get a helmet, hurricances are nothing like earthquakes. You know when a hurricane will hit welll in advance, making them not "disasters" in the same sense an earthquake is a disaster.

    I live in florida.

    And while I will take anychance to bad motuh Dubbya, Global Warming from a scientific (NOT environmentalist) point of view cant be proven.

    All the data on global warming is only a few decades old. And over GEOLOGICAL TIME, which is how weather and the way the Earth functions is measured, this is less than a fleeting moment.

    So with that in mind, just cuz the last few years have been "hotter" doesnt mean that it will continue that way. As it stands you cant predict global warming anymore than you can predict the coming of the next ice age. It takes too long for permanent changes in the earths environment. How long did it take to go from methane and CO2 to a 28% oxygen atmosphere, ~BILLIONS of years. So 20-50yrs of "global warming" data isnt enough and never will be.

    But it cant be ignored that greenhouse gases and all that toxic crap IS BAD FOR THE PLANET.


    kanye west graduation. kanye west graduation
  • kanye west graduation

  • PBF
    Mar 23, 08:31 PM
    I bet any groundbreaking new features are tested only internally.

    kanye west graduation. Kanye West #39;Graduation#39; Album
  • Kanye West #39;Graduation#39; Album

  • Jovian9
    Sep 17, 12:48 PM
    Awhile back I ran out of room on my 40GB iPod Photo and my warranty was going to expire at the end of Oct '05 (bought when the Photos were originally released). So I waited to see if they would upgrade the full size iPods.....which they did not...they just released the Nano's. So I put my 40GB iPod Photo on eBay and it sold quickly and I ordered a 60GB Color iPod. But with the expo being next week b/t the 20th and 24th maybe they will still release another upgrade. Should I wait and not open my new 60GB iPod? This way I could return my iPod and order a newer one. Does anyone have experience with unopened returns to Apple?.....cost?.....can you return an iPod you ordered online to a local Apple Store? Thanks!


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  • Galley
    Aug 25, 05:48 PM
    Amazon Marketplace
    Half.com (now owned by eBay, everything is "buy it now")

    kanye west graduation. Kanye West - Graduation
  • Kanye West - Graduation

  • iMac22
    Jun 30, 08:32 PM
    I've been trying to get an iphone since it came out last Thurs. I didn't preorder so no luck. Just yesterday I went to a local ATT store and tried to get one as a walk in. They sold out shipment one and two in 5 minutes. They asked if I'd like to preorder one and that it'd take 7-10 business days to get here. I decided to do so. Today I already got a confirmation that my phone has shipped from Texas. Estimated delivery date to the ATT store is tomorrow! (overnight delivery) So it seems that the 7-10 days may really turn out to be 2 days. I'm crossing my fingers.....we'll see tomorrow.


    kanye west graduation. kanye west graduation bear.
  • kanye west graduation bear.

  • wordoflife
    Apr 6, 08:08 PM
    So that's where Apple got their website idea from. Hmm.

    kanye west graduation. Kanye West - Graduation
  • Kanye West - Graduation

  • Nnavick
    Apr 24, 07:51 AM
    abc class

    kanye west graduation. kanye west graduation
  • kanye west graduation

  • jacobson00
    May 6, 03:41 PM
    ok fine sorry it ticked you off, but it was an innocent question. :(:(:(:(:(:(

    maybe they should Post that discussion

    Dec 10, 11:38 PM
    I have a feeling this is going to open up a lot of loopholes and backdoors for foreign developers.

    Why? There were already a bunch of languages and have been for a long time.

    Who does the translation?

    A person who knows the language. (Or Google...but that's not a good idea. ;) )

    Do the developers have to get that done?


    So what does the localization service provide exactly?

    What service? There are more languages available now than there were before, that's all.

    Sounds like a lot of work!

    Kind of, yes.

    how about if I'm not in the US but I want to use English?!

    Change the store to the U.S. store. In some cases it's enough to have your language settings on English. (e.g., just setting the store to Japan won't get you Japanese text for app descriptions--if available--you have to set your computer to Japanese as well.)


    Mar 27, 11:26 PM
    Yes it makes SOME games look better. Road Rash 64 and Vigilante 8 had an option for a higher resolution when the expansion pack was detected. It took out some of the jagginess (whatever the word is for that), but the detail was the same and it cut a noticeable amount of FPS.

    eBay? Yes?

    EDIT: And Turok 2 had an option I think as well for a higher resolution

    Sep 23, 05:42 PM
    Good work Crispy

    Apple OC
    Apr 20, 07:11 PM
    sounds like a typical rental scam ... I would rent an apartment closer to your moving date.

    Mar 10, 12:36 PM
    Do you still live at home with your parents, or are you away at school? If you rent an apartment you should be able to buy renters insurance and purchase additional coverage for your gear. I did this while I was away at school and renting an apartment. It was only a few extra bucks a month for the extra coverage. If you still live with your parents they can buy additional coverage on their property insurance.

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