Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • indianabacklog
    01-03 12:43 PM
    Hi All,

    My wife was on H1b till few months back. She left her job and is currently on AdjustmentOfStatus. We have received the filing receipts for her Adjustment of Status Application, and her approved EAD as well.

    But yet to get back anything on her Advance Parole Application, though we have the filing receipts. She now needs to travel to India due to some family reasons. Is it safe for her to travel without approved Advance Parole?

    I have an approved H1b till early 2009 and plan to use same for my travel.

    Any pointers on this one?


    From what you say do you mean your wife now has no current visa status?
    If so she has to have advanced parole in hand to travel. She is effectively now on her EAD and AOS combined and neither of these bestows travel privileges.

    If however, as other responders have assumed, that your wife is on an H4 now as your dependent then she can go for visa stamping and re enter the US on that visa

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  • gcformeornot
    05-28 07:31 AM
    from my understanding it wil start right away.. which means we will loose some time overlapping between the EAD's.

    I think it starts after expiry of first one. ( all other things work this way, why different rule for EAD?)

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  • kannan
    04-11 04:28 PM
    I lost my job.My 140 is approved and I 485 is over 180 days.I have 2 yr EAD .I was laid off on 6 th April and I see LUD on I-485 on 9 april.I am so much worried that I may get RFE.
    What are my option if I get RFE on Employment before getting new job.How can I get my RFE from company lawyer becase Lawyer address is on my 485 Receipt.

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  • nikh
    07-27 11:33 AM

    There is already thread going on with exaclty the same situation. The thread is 485 Approved without spouse being added and run by user smovva. It seems there quite a few people like you. You should read the thread.


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  • RamBihari
    02-23 05:25 PM
    I successfully ported from EB3 to EB2 in the same company while on EAD

    Now i am working on the new Eb2 position using the EAD obtained from the EB3 position. I have still not filed my Eb2 485 since dates are not current (priority date jan 2007)

    The new Eb2 job description was similiar to Eb3 but the difference was that now it required masters degree and 1 year experience. This is becasue of more resposnitlity and supervisory role in the eb2 position. Also natural progression...

    I qualified for the Eb2 position without using the Experience gained in the existing company. I had masters and previous experience which was used for qualification....

    Also the older Eb3 position does not exist as it was modified to the new Eb2 position as the role now required more complexity...

    Sharing my experience and wondering if everything is ok with my current situation? I do not have a h1b. I still work on EAd obtained from the Eb3 app and travel on AP and have not had any issues yet....

    Hopefully you'll get green card in July.
    Porting is not that big of an issue as it may seem, its just matter of employer being willing to cooperate with applicants, rest of things falls into place itself.

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  • rockstart
    07-27 08:54 AM
    You are in a pretty tight spot my friend. I think a lawyer is the best person to answer these questions since you are walking a very fine line here. I dont want you to rely on advice on this forum and then later find out that you were out of status and that triggers another set of challenges to deal with later. So consult a lawyer and see if he/she feels that you can stay back in US pending H1 approval. Else I would advice moving out for 1 Yr and starting things on clean slate.


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  • va_dude
    03-04 03:51 PM
    The url forward is for admins to decide. What does it really buy us.

    But the home page clearly states this:-

    Immigration Voice is a national non-profit organization (501 (c) (4)) working to alleviate the problems faced by legal high-skilled future Americans in the United States. We act as an interface between this set of immigrants and the legislative and executive branches of the government.

    I think this makes it clear we are talking about legal skilled folks.

    just my 2 cents.

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  • hydubadi
    03-18 02:14 PM
    I agree.


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  • jediknight
    04-05 09:56 AM
    Has anyone on a EAD or H1 taken a FHA house loan?
    FHA Loan Refinance and FHA Home Loans | Mortgages (
    Let FHA Loans Help You - HUD (

    Would be interested in hearing your experiences.

    - JK

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  • HV000
    02-06 11:24 AM
    I have NOT heard of anything that specifically prohibits H1Bs getting a mid year raise. Ask your HR where they are getting the information from?


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  • casinoroyale
    08-22 12:01 PM
    I have my own doubts about this matter, same as you. But doesn't your I-797 remains valid till its expiry date? Is there any such rule that if its un-used it will become void or should be cancelled after 6 months?

    In another context, I was told by one of the attornies that when i am with company-A and say its I-797 is valid for 3 years. I work for A for 1 year. Leave A and join B and work there for 1 year. Then leave B and come back to A, then I don't need another I-797 application, i can reuse previously approved still valid I-797 with A.

    I am not 100% sure on this reply ....

    As soon as you use EAD, your H1B status is voided. I have read that if you have worked less then 6 months on EAD then there are chances that you could get back on the same H1.

    Now, once 6 months (180) days have passed, your unused H1 is supposed to get cancelled.

    You may want to check with some good attorney though.

    Sorry, not much help.

    Good luck.

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  • stemcell
    04-05 10:07 AM
    Used FHA loan.
    Closed on Feb 26 with Coldwell Banker.
    didnt have issues regards my H1B status.


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  • pappu
    08-18 01:03 PM

    --must be of great help

    HOLY COW !!!!

    This is so awesome!!!

    we are going to save as many as 30 days from the total of 6-8 years of our green card process.

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  • vkannan
    08-14 07:26 PM
    i was given a red dot as well.. jus coz i started a thread on Oct Bulletin - discussion! with a gracious addressing .. as A.hole!!! what one earth i did to deserve that..
    so anyways...I dont care a **** but this is imperialist

    After seeing the Sep bulletin rightly so ppl. who are struck with unfortunate EB3 category are frustrated, your post came at the wrong timing.....just to chill you off I gave you green enjoy....


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  • Anders �stberg
    April 10th, 2004, 10:34 AM
    We at "Bird-on-a-Stick" appologize for this and have taken the appropriate quality control measures to insure this does not happen again.

    The price of your meal will be fully refunded.

    Thanks for your patronage...

    (poor bird :( )

    On another note...I can't help but notice how much more attractive the seaguls are in Sweden then here in California


    Hows the traffic? :D

    Maddening! :p

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  • delhiguy
    07-02 03:13 PM
    [QUOTE=vinabath]I paid for a 2007 labor for 15k. Now I am screwed.[/QUOTE

    One of my friend was gonna do the same(buying a labor is illegal) , I stopped him , He called me and thanked me...
    Never break rules , Never trust desi consultants...


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  • wandmaker
    11-27 08:06 AM
    ultimate_champ: If your receipt notice's "receipt date" has August 03, 2007 then you can avail AC21 after 180 days from that date. I guess, your attorney is trying to play it safe or playing with you.

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  • eb3retro
    02-20 05:53 PM
    There are 2 kinds of people in the world -

    one who think that others (other people or government) is responsible for their current state and others are the ones who are willing to introspect, make appropriate changes and then succeed. Even a dumb (read "") can figure where they belong to.

    An itchy dog needs to get himself rubbed against all possible objects so as to keep that itch in control. These websites are such places where these people go to satisfy their itch. Even the owners of these itchy dogs desert them (read "their god-father politicians") when they start doing this. Do you think, people like us, who are busy with their daily interesting work, family have time to look at them?

    Look, the option is with us which is NOT to look at these stupid websites. None is forcing you to see these websites. So no point in complaining about them. First amendment rights for stupid is like a cigar in the hand of drunk monkey in california jungles (and we keep searching where these wild fires come from?).. so better neglect them and focus on our goal.

    We are surely going to reach our goal, no matter what these stupid people say... if you think hard then you will realize then the life's goal is much beyond simply getting EB GC...

    lovely comment ..well said.

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  • singhsa3
    08-22 06:52 PM
    Msg deleted


    Anybody else knows any contact number other than 800 375 5283 to find out what document was mailed by USCIS????

    10-20 04:43 PM
    EB-2 is the investor visa offered. You can renew every year without any time limitation. But this is purely a non-immigrant VISA. You can not get a GC from this. Of course, being on H-1B creates a conflict with this. So let your H4 spouse take advantage of this and let him/her build the business and then switch to EB-5. As a dependent, you will also get the GC.

    EB-5 GC is conditional for the first two years. You have to show $1 Million non risk-free investment and employment for 10 full-time employees through your company returns for past two years at the end of conditional GC and apply for renewal. Then you will be offered a non-restrictive GC.:)

    So can I take a loan and open a business to get EB-5 green card ??

    08-02 10:29 PM
    okay thanks for your replies..let me reiterate my situation.
    I have an Indian passport and I recently got my conditional GC (based on marriage to a USC).I am currently on a holiday in Australia .I got my single entry,3month visit visa to Australia,which was stamped across"Not valid for further travel" at the Sydney airport.

    Now my concern..I need to visit India in Sep and I was wondering if I could leave for India and return to Australia without having to apply for a visit visa again,now that I have my GC.
    Do I need to apply for visitor visa again to enter Australia ,eventhough I have a US GC (which enables anyone travel any country without a visa) and Indian passport.
    Please help answer my question....

    Thank you

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