Tuesday, February 1, 2011



I like Mi/Maggi Goreng, I don’t have any specific favourite but I always bought this brand which is imported from our neighbour country because they offered more choices. As you can see I’m avoiding myself from saying the brand’s name to avoid any hot soup from being poured to my face and that is actually a metaphor, i mean the hot soup is a metaphor…

“You get five seasonings instead of one, another exciting part of cooking mi goreng”

The special thing about this brand is they actually included an additional packet which contained something that they claimed to be bawang goreng (translation: fried onion?)

“and the company also produce this…”

The ‘bawang goreng’ thing is also called kriuk kriuk which in Indonesia is actually what we call here as keropok or that crispy leftover stuff you get when your fry chicken or pisang goreng.

The thing is it doesn’t look like the typical bawang goreng nor taste like one. So it’s often neglected and doesn’t get to be in the mi goreng (I’d like to show you a picture of our box of neglected kriuk kriuk but that could mean another law suit)

Why don’t we put it in our mi goreng? First, it taste like a burnt food and second it’s just weird to eat crispy noodle, you know the feeling of the noodle not well-cooked, that’s the feeling you get. besides, the physical appearance of the thing is quite creepy, we’ll never know what it was made from (remember the story of bawang goreng is actually made from plastic straw? that particular level of creepiness)

“Oh, and they make it 5X more, 5X more nightmare…”

Anyway, if anyone ask me “Meggi biasa or Meggi goreng”… you’ll definitely know what my answer will be… Winking smile

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